Constructing messages that build brand value. Easier said than done in an industry so driven by economic challenges. At Latorra, Paul & McCann, we have decades of experience in virtually every segment of design/build. From the world leader in HVAC to the world leader in electrical products for hazardous environments. Windows and doors to copper roofing. New construction to remodeling to home repair. Whether we’re talking to architects or homeowners, contractors or engineers, we’re continuously inciting customer relationships to build on.

Carrier Sleeper Ad

Carrier Pencil Ad

Carrier Sleepless Night Rebate Ad

CCH ESP brochure

CCH Wireless Trade Ad

Revere Copper Products Family Ad

Revere Copper Products Evergreen Ad

Revere Copper Products Bennington Ad

Revere Copper Evergreen Brochure

CCH LED Brochure

The Do Crew Billboard

The Do Crew Roller Pan TV :15

The Do Crew Saw Chair TV :15

The Do Crew Foot Ceiling TV :15

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