More than ever, people today work hard, and play hard. And if you’re lucky, you occasionally get to work hard on something that’s all about play. At Latorra, Paul & McCann, our sporting goods experience over the last 30 years has run the gamut, from campaigns and package design, to catalogs and promotions. Our incite has proven invaluable for clients who play to win.

Crossman Hungry Mosquitoes Ad

Crossman Stone Cold Determination Ad

Crossman Discover The Joy Ad

Sheridan Nothin But A Waste

Sheridan Asskickinometry Ad

Crossman Airguns "Bug Off" TV

Cortland Never Seen Ad

Crossman Airguns "Doubt" Ad

Cortland Hawg Ad

Cortland What's My Line Series

Cortland Gem Ad

Camillus Cutlery Packaging

Camillus Cutlery Catalog

Cortland Tropical Ad

Cortland Fly First Ad